Knight Work in Progress

Knight Work in Progress

Saturday, 3 May 2008

'Bud' Creation

Character: 'Bud' - Knight's best friend and companion (Clean Shaven)
I Decided to make Bud's head with hard Fimo to save time whilst animating

I also made a few different styles of eyebrow out of fimo and due to their smallness they are hard to animate, therefore i think i will use plastiscene for shooting (same as eyelids)

I also gave Bud 2 sets of eyes, one normal for when he is sober and one with a tinge of red in and offsized pupils

Pics of his Body to follow

Quick Blinking Animation Test

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


A few pics from the making of sets and scenery

[Outside walls] City Gates- Making use of the many Red Bull cans littering my desk!
Covered with paper mache (to be painted)

[Inside walls]Rocks that make up the city walls and gate-posts

[Inside walls] wall rocks and *functioning* slide window

[Inside walls] City-Gates open

[Inside walls]

Hair, eye and mouthless Knight, Checkin out the Gates

[Outside walls] Painted gates and window from outside

Painted Wall
City Walls Painted Inside

Close-up of Painted Rocks in wall

'Yegor' - The Monster Armature Creation

Yegor Armature, First head + layer of Wire

Yegor full body Armature

Yegor With Sculpey Head half-done body

Yegor Head

Yegor - finished body


Knight's Sword and Sheath + Bud's Axe


Meet Knight, This is a quick armature test with first draft sculpt of his head.

Armature Creation Stages

Knight - First layer wire armature

Second layer wire armature 'skeleton' with rigid Morph-plast 'bones'

Knight's hands post-oven made with Bake'n'Bend Sculpey

Knight 'Shakespeare Pose' 2nd Draught Head

Knight with half-finished head and his Sword 'Destiny'

Monday, 31 March 2008

First Blog

Welcome to the 'Knight' Work In Progress Blog, here I will be uploading Pics and Videos as I make Characters, props and sets etc for my Stop-Motion Heroic Epic Short, 'Knight'